Connect Intellectual Assets.
Capitalize Information Assets.

An Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution

Knowledge Management Solutions
connectin dashboard
connectin dashboard

connectin dashboardconnectin dashboard

Manage content anywhere using Connectin.
Delivers business value through policies, governance, analysis and cross linking your corporate content.

Knowledge Enterprise

Connects intellectual and information assets by providing tools to discover, harness, enhance, and share data.
Knowledge Enterprise


Knowledge Repository

Knowledge Repository

Store and disseminate information assets. Access relevant research and knowledge to strengthen capacities of work between communities of experts.

Knowledge Exchange

Provide communities of experts an opportunity to connect, interact, collaborate and expand the knowledge around communities of practice.
Knowledge Exchange


Knowledge Dissemination

Knowledge Dissemination

Share knowledge through structured learning, training activities and capacity development.


Data Visualization

Tell compelling stories through data driven visualization that make dashboards more visually appealing, interesting and easy to understand.
Data Visualization
Charts & Graphs
Visually analyze business information. Create insightful reports and dashboards. Share personalized and interactive data visualization from multiple data sources with drag and drop interface.
Communicate complex information in a simple and engaging manner by presenting data graphically. Capture viewers attention and make data interesting and easy to consume.
Big Data

Discover, Consolidate, Enhance and Analyze iteratively your disparate data sets into actionable intelligence and uncover its true business value.

Our dashboard and data visualization tools help to interpret, generate and present data intuitively for end users to make informed decisions.



Truly configurable, personalizable tool.
Simply select the layout to suit your business using visual configurator and drag and drop to create the dashboard right away.
Take control of the layout and placement of dashboard components. Change the look and feel exactly the way you want it. Set up surveys, polls, discussion boards, contests and update it as often as you like without depending on the developers.
Add and customize permissions based on user roles to ensure that knowledge assets remain fully secure. Enable viewing, sharing and editing among colleagues, without loss of privacy.
User Management
Integrate with your organizations’ Active Directory, or bring in users from trusted partners' networks. Create and manage external users or even allow through social network authentication based on different access levels.


Enterprise Content Management

Manage content anywhere using Connectin.
Delivers business value through policies, governance, analysis and cross linking your corporate content.
Web Design
Create usable, engaging and lucid designs that reflect your brand with eye catching graphics using Connectin. Designed for screens of all sizes applying responsive, modern web standards to ensure that all browsers and devices displays the website properly.
SEO & Website Analytics

Ensure site is friendly for search engines and pages are optimized using keyword research, HTML optimization and contextual linking.

Site performance metrics like visits, pageviews, bounce rate, average time spent on site and pages per visit to help analyze keyword position on popular search engines.


  • Innovations & Entrepreneurship
    A global partnership program that provides developing countries references to innovative technologies.....
  • Projects & Evaluations
  • Interactive Maps & Charts
    A peace-building think tank in collaboration with a leading international development organization....
  • Agribusiness Infographics
  • Discussion Hub
    A global multi-stakeholder engagement program that helps implement more effective solutions...
  • Land & Water Management
  • Publications
  • Social-Accountability
    A global partnership program which supports civil society and governments...
  • Mobile App
    Mobile application that brings practitioners, networks and institutions together to help find solutions...
  • Sustainable Energy
    A global connector of knowledge, learning and innovation which connects practitioners and institutions to help build capacity for the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

News & Events

  • Jul 2015
    Assyst International is proud to announce that its software solutions unit has been assessed at Level 5 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), thus making it to a select group of software companies across the globe who have achieved the highest level of maturity in the CMMI framework...

“ We had a tight deadline and were looking for a quick solution towards implementing a connected, collaborative and open Knowledge Portal involving our organizational and partner ecosystem.

Assyst’s Knowledge Management solution helped us in bringing the data and information we needed to better align our knowledge management objectives with organizational strategy and program needs. I certainly recommend the solution to everyone. ”

Sr. Knowledge Officer,
Leading Multilateral Organization

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